Watch Royal Ascot Live Race 2021 Online

Watch Royal Ascot Live Race 2021 Online HD

As the premier flat meeting in Britain, Royal Ascot is watched by millions. The royal meeting is available to watch in 650 million homes and, as part of the World Pool, is a bet on many of those people around the planet. Royal Ascot, truly, is a global event. Click the below link to watch Royal Ascot Live 2021 online for free.


How Can I Watch Royal Ascot 2021?

As well as both terrestrial and satellite TV, there are other easy ways to watch Royal Ascot. Many bookmakers offer live streaming of each race. Sometimes a small bet of 50p or £1 is needed on the race in question, while others simply ask you to have a funded account.

ITV viewers do not need to be near their TVs either. Via ITV Player, available on desktop and mobile, you can watch Royal Ascot on the move. If you have a Sky TV package, you can do the same thing using Sky Go.

If you live in the UK, then Royal Ascot coverage is high quality and free. ITV has a long-term deal to broadcast the meeting, meaning as long as you have a TV license then all you need to do is switch on, tune in to ITV or ITV4, sit back and enjoy.

For those who just want wall-to-wall racing rather than anything fancy, then Sky Sports Racing is the best option. The specialist racing channel covers all races at Ascot, including at the royal meeting. Top-class previews and analysis are available, as well as live coverage of each race with excellent commentary.

ITV does have some games when it comes to previews too. The Opening Show is shown live every day at Royal Ascot. The early morning show gives you the latest news surrounding the meeting, as well as tips and analyses from the likes of Ed Chamberlin, Francesca Cumani, and Jason Weaver with betting news from Matt Chapman.

If you’re in the USA, live coverage is still available. Just as with their own big domestic races such as the Kentucky Derby, NBC carries coverage of Royal Ascot.

NBC’s coverage includes analysis, each race live, and much more besides. It can be found not only on TV but on the NBC Sports app and on their website.

Can I Watch Ascot For Free?

The simple answer is, yes.

ITV’s coverage is available to all, including via their streaming service ITV Hub. Specialist satellite channel Sky Sports Racing is also a free-to-air channel.

A sports package is no longer needed to access this coverage since the change from AtTheRaces to Sky Sports Racing. As long as you have any satellite package at all, Sky Sports Racing is available.

ITV will cover most of the day’s action live either on the main channel or on ITV4. The team is on hand for all five days of the meeting, with the Hub allowing you to replay the coverage whenever you like.

Can I Live Stream Royal Ascot?

As the world moves increasingly online, both the betting and watching angles of Royal Ascot are also heading that way more and more every year.

Most of our wagers are placed online now, with the top bookmakers also offering live streaming of the event. Rarely is the coverage totally free, so check the bookmaker’s conditions, but often just a funded account or a small 50p bet is required on a race in order to watch it.

If you can’t be near your TV and don’t want to watch online, there are still ways to keep up with the action at Royal Ascot. High street bookmakers carry live TV coverage of all races, as long as countrywide restrictions are not in place.

Catching Up on the Action On-Demand

Even with all of the options available, sometimes it just isn’t possible to see each race live. We all have work to do after all.

Full race replays from Royal Ascot can be found on many websites. Industry specialists Sportinglife and Racing Post share race replays, while Sky Sports Racing will also show them. If all you need to see is the finish to each race, check out the above accounts on Twitter for easy access.

The ITV Hub also has replays of the entire day’s action. Just login on any device and enjoy all the coverage for the day.

Royal Ascot 2021 Full TV Schedule

Tuesday – ITV/ITV4/Sky Sports Racing

  • 2:30 – Queen Anne Stakes (1m, Group 1, 4yo+)
  • 3:05 – Coventry Stakes (6f, Group 2, 2yo)
  • 3:40 – King’s Stand Stakes (5f, Group 1, 3yo+)
  • 4:20 – St James’s Palace Stakes (1m, Group 1, 3yo)
  • 5:00 – Ascot Stakes Handicap (2m4f, 4yo+)
  • 5:35 – Wolferton Stakes (1m2f, Listed, 4yo+)
  • 6:10 – Copper Horse Stakes Handicap (1m6f, 4yo+)

Wednesday – ITV/ITV4/Sky Sports Racing

  • 2:30 – Queen Mary Stakes (5f, Group 2, 2yo)
  • 3:05 – Queen’s Vase (1m6f, Group 2, 3yo)
  • 3:40 – Duke of Cambridge Stakes (1m, Group 2, 4yo+)
  • 4:20 – Prince of Wales’s Stakes (1m2f, Group 1, 4yo+)
  • 5:00 – Royal Hunt Cup Handicap (1m, 4yo+)
  • 5:35 – Windsor Castle Stakes (5f, Listed, 2yo)
  • 6:10 – Kensington Palace Stakes Handicap (1m, 4yo+)

Thursday – ITV/ITV4/Sky Sports Racing

  • 2:30 – Norfolk Stakes (5f, Group 2, 2yo)
  • 3:05 – Hampton Court Stakes (1m2f, Group 3, 3yo)
  • 3:40 – Ribblesdale Stakes (1m4f, Group 2, 3yo)
  • 4:20 – Gold Cup (2m4f, Group 1, 4yo+)
  • 5:00 – Britannia Stakes Handicap (1m, 3yo)
  • 5:35 – King George V Stakes Handicap (1m4f, 3yo)
  • 6:10 – Buckingham Palace Stakes Handicap (7f, 3yo+)

Friday – ITV/ITV4/Sky Sports Racing

  • 2:30 – Albany Stakes (6f, Group 3, 2yo)
  • 3:05 – King Edward VII Stakes (1m4f, Group 2, 3yo)
  • 3:40 – Commonwealth Cup (6f, Group 1, 3yo)
  • 4:20 – Coronation Stakes (1m, Group 1, 3yo)
  • 5:00 – Sandringham Stakes Handicap (1m, 3yo)
  • 5:35 – Duke of Edinburgh Stakes Handicap (1m4f, 3yo+)
  • 6:10 – Palace of Holyroodhouse Stakes Handicap (5f, 3yo)

Saturday – ITV/ITV4/Sky Sports Racing

  • 2:30 – Chesham Stakes (7f, Listed, 2yo)
  • 3:05 – Jersey Stakes (7f, Group 3, 3yo)
  • 3:40 – Hardwicke Stakes (1m4f, Group 2, 4yo+)
  • 4:20 – Diamond Jubilee Stakes (6f, Group 1, 4yo+)
  • 5:00 – Wokingham Stakes Handicap (6f, 4yo+)
  • 5:35 – Golden Gates Stakes Handicap (1m2f, 3yo)
  • 6:10 – Queen Alexandra Stakes (2m5f, Conditions, 4yo+)